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We are a group of recent college graduates and college students who came together with the common goal of helping today's youth stay active and healthy. We couldn't imagine a better way to accomplish this than by fostering the innate love every child has for running! We are all athletes who were encouraged and trained as members of youth running clubs. Through those childhood experiences, we developed our love of running. As we grew into adults, many of us went on to compete at a collegiate level in track and field (many of us are doing so now!) and we have stayed committed to being active and healthy. We shared our stories and found that a positive underlying theme for our success was the sense of community, comradery, support for one another, and support from friends and family that can be found in the best running clubs. Unfortunately, we saw clubs come and go. That lack of continuity would lead to children dropping out of the sport. So we decided that we could help young boys and girls become the athletes and healthy citizens of tomorrow by providing our community with a club that, while promoting healthy competition, would demonstrate positive support for everyone--no matter what skill level--and would last well beyond a few seasons by having committed athletes at the helm. And so it was with the support of CSUB, athletes' parents, the community, local businesses, our families, our coaches, and our friends that we started Bakersfield Youth Running Club! Come run with us! We promise to make it fun for everyone!

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Why join our club?


We are not your typical youth running club--we are different!


We are college athletes creating the athletes and healthy citizens of tomorrow with the support of the community, our coaches, our members’ parents, and our friends. We make running fun for everyone by balancing healthy competition with positive support for every child.

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